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Welcome to Punks.ru - punk/hardcore webzine in russian and not only! This page for those of our visitors, who don't speak russian, but speak english. If it's about you, you are at the right place. Here are some materials in english - interviews, distrolist, links on the local bands / labels, contact info and other shit. Not so much, but something. Hope you will enjoy it!

  Beans (Bas / October, 2006)
  Bombshell Rocks (Crippe / December, 2004)
  Fail To Follow (Brent Jones / March, 2006)
  Good Riddance / Only Crime (Russ Rankin / October, 2005)
  Kill Your Idols (Gary Bennett / October, 2005)
  ZSK (Joshi / June, 2006)

  Please check our catalog (in russian only, sorry). Trades are welcome!

  Since 2008 we also run Rumble Fish Records. Please check it!


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