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Interview with Crippe (Bombshell Rocks)
Thanks you for consent to this interview. And first questions: How are you? How are BSR? What you did after "Love for the Microphone" was out?
I'm fine thank you for asking. And so are the rest of the band. Thomas our drummer is in Europe at the moment playing with Millencolins singer Nicola Sarcevic promoting his solo album. The rest of us is at home trying to survive the forthcomming x-mas.. :) We still try to promote the new record as good as we can. We got some new shows booked in the beginning of next year..

You always worked with Burning Heart Records... until "Love for the Microphone", released on Combat Rock Industry. Why you selected this label? Did you leave BHR or this was once-only action?
Crippe Määttä [Bombshell Rocks, вокал/гитара] Well, We decided to work with Combatrock cause we like them and they are really nice guys running the label. It's a small independent label and we both felt like helping eachother out. When it comes to Burningheart we're not on that label anymore. We both agreed on going different ways. So now we're looking for a new label.

When is your next album due out?
We don't know yet since were looking for a new label. But we have been talking about maybe releasing a new 7" or 10" before that but nothing is set yet...

Why Marten Cedergran left your band? Did you dedicate "Memories Remain" to him?
He left beacuse he wanted to focus on his tattoo-shop... And yes, the song is dedicated to him. We had some wonderful years together.

Did you think to invite new vocalist?
No, it would have felt wrong in many ways. We talked about it, but since we all know eachother since way back i think it would have been difficult for a new member to join the group. So we decided to do it ourselves...

You are not political band but "No:1" from last album is song about war in Iraq. Does it mean that you will be more politically active in the future?
I don't think we will become more political than we are but sometimes it's hard to ignore writing about political things... I mean, The war in Iraq had an impact on the whole world and this was just our point of view on that issue...

How did you, personally, get into music and playing in a band?
Plain boredom i guess. There was nothing else to do. And of course the whole idea of playing in a band is every kid's dream...

What bands or music styles influenced your music?
All kinds of punkrock and hardcore music... Bands such as Clash, Rancid, Bad Religion etc. But the older you get the more different music influences you.. Everything from punk to pop to rock..

Crippe Määttä [Bombshell Rocks, вокал/гитара] Tell about your side-project Nobodys Heroes. I know you recorded 4 songs and one of them was taken on Heartattack vol.1. Were other songs released?
The group contains members from The Business, Voice Of A Generation and Bombshell Rocks. We had a fun time recording the songs and i think they will be released as a single sometime in the future... But if we will ever play live is hard to say... It would be fun though...

What's the best show you've played? What bands would be your dream play together with?
It's hard to say what show i like the best... It's been so many. But we did a show in our hometown a couple of weeks ago and that was really fun.. All our friends was there and we rocked the place hard..:) We have already played with alot of cool bands but i guess playing with NOFX would be cool...

What young bands did you like lately?
We have a really good punkrock band here in Sweden called Twopointeight and i think that they are the best band around at the moment... Another cool band was One Man Army from the states but i heard that they split up so that sucks...

Did you hear some punk-bands from Russia?
No i haven't had the pleasure yet... Can you recommend some to me? It's wierd cause you're not that far away from us... Hope to hear some soon...

Do you keep up with developments in Russia and what do you think about it?
All i know is what media tells us but i don't trust them telling us the whole truth...

What about your show in Russia? :)
It would be great to come over but we haven't got any requests yet... Maybe in a near future... I think the russian punk scene would feel good getting a dose of some Bombshell Rocks energy... :)

Thanx very much! I wish you and BSR good luck! Finally comments?
Thank you and merry x-mas to the whole russian punkscene... Nastarovija!

Official Website: www.bombshellrocks.com

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