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Interview with Russ Rankin (Good Riddance / Only Crime)
Russ Rankin [Good Riddance / Only Crime, vocal] Hi Russ, we would like to ask you some questions addressed personally to you and connected with Good Riddance and Only Crime. The first question is connected with your work with Only Crime. When and why was the band founded?
Only Crime was complete in early 2004 as far as the line up and body of material. The band was formed as an idea in the summer of 2002 and it took us a while to assemble, write and demo our first group of songs as we all lived in different states.

Tell us, what bands, things, books had an influence on you as a musician?
I was influenced alot by bands like the Dead Kennedys, Black Flag, Crass, Adolescents, Articles of Faith, Cro Mags, Social Unrest, Big Boys and The Germs. I read alot of political theory work by people like Howard Zinn and Noam Chomsky.

Russ Rankin [Good Riddance / Only Crime, vocal] Can you formulate your ideas and views that you express in your lyrics and music? How much are they different in Good Riddance and Only Crime?
I think my lyrical approach in GR is much more dogmatic and overt as far as the social/political content. OC is, by design, much more interpretive and un-specific as far as any type of clear political message.

How do you think, can you influence people by your lyrics and music?
I think it works the same way other bands have influenced me. I kept my mind open to ideas that bands sang or talked about and I would read or check out things they were into. Much of my lifestyle is still dictated by alot of the things I got turned onto through bands like Gorilla Biscuits and Youth Of Today.

Reading your texts one can figure out that you're politically active. What are the other problems that seem important to you?
Global warming, ecological sustainability (including alternate types of fuel and energy to reduce dependence on fossil fuels), reproductive freedom here in the U.S. (where it is under attack along with many of our personal freedoms), health care, illegal invasions and occupations of countries for no good reason. stuff like that. Oh - and animal rights, too.

I know that you support PETA. What other organizations do you support?
Democracy Now!, the Western Service Workers Association, the Santa Cruz Aids Project, the Homeless Garden Project, the Red Cross and the New Orleans Spca most recently following hurricane Katrina.

Russ Rankin and his friend Scott Niedermayer poses with the Stanley Cup What are you busy with in your free time from music?
I play ice hockey and am a huge fan also. I surf and skateboard and I like going to the movies.

What can you tell us about the upcoming album of Good Riddance? What will it be like or it'll be absolutely different?
I think it will be a solid melodic punk record with a bit of a melancholy feel to it.

Most part of lyrics and music from new album will be written by you as usual?
Yes. I will write all the lyrics and Luke will contribute musically as well.

Are the other members of your band your friends? Tell something about them.
Luke (guitar) is ready to graduate from college. Chuck (bass) works for bell sports and has a daughter named Stella. Sean (drums) has a son named Christopher and keeps busy playing drums with all sorts of bands and performers.

Where have you never been before, but would like to play show?
Finland, Hungary, Croatia and Western Australia (Perth).

What bands/musicians did your interest in music start from and What bands do you think are worth paying attention at?
My favorite bands were and still are the Adolescents, Black Flag, The Germs and T.S.O.L. as far as new bands, I like Strike Anywhere, Against Me!, Los Dryheavers and The Break.

Who's your favorite politician of all time?
Malcolm X (although he wasn't really a politician... more of an activist. I don't really trust politicians)

Russ Rankin [Good Riddance / Only Crime, vocal] Have you ever heard something about russian punk-hardcore bands?
Unfortunately not.

What are your plans for the future? Are you going to come to Russia with concerts in the near future?
I would like to play in Russia. I think it is probably not cost-effective for us to go there though.

What are your wishes to Russian punk/hardcore kids?
Thank you for all of your support and keep fighting.

Thank you, good luck!

Official website of Good Riddance: www.good-riddance.com
Official website of Only Crime: www.onlycrime.com

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