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Interview with Bas (Beans)
This interview was after Beans Russian tour 2006 (23.09 - 1.10): Yaroslavl, Vladimir, Moscow, Klin, Cherepovec, Novgorod, Petrozavodsk, Saint-Petersburg. Bas (bass) answered our questions.

First of all, how are you appreciate the russian tour? Are you pleased?
Being on tour in Russia was pretty cool! We didn't know what to expect, and I guess we expected it to be a little more hard than it was.. You know, afraid of getting into troubles with Neo-Nazi's and stuff like that.

What's your impressions from tour and from our country?
Our impression is pretty good. A lot of people showed up and went nuts, and that's a good thing! I guess we played in Petrosavotsk for like 600 people, that's pretty much for a punkrockband. It was pretty cool to be on the road with Alexander and Constantine! I'm still wondering how a fucking young kid (Alex) could fix so much stuff for us.

What most amazed you here? Most positive and negative impression?
Beans at Club 7 (Moscow) I guess the most impressive moment was the last day. This dude from Moscow called Roma and Sander& me were walking in downtown St. Petersburg. Then Roma showed us the place were this anti-fascist dude was killed by some neonazi's. I still can't believe it... the saddest thing was that it was significant that some messages for the dude were crossed by some swastika-signs and stuff..
Another weird thing was that Sander found a real gun in the toilet of the club in Klin.. but that was rather funny than negative or so haha.
We had a lot of good experience... The first day was pretty impressive as well. We were traveling for about 12 hours (by plane &van to Yaroslavl) and when we arrived there were about 30 kids yelling and screaming outside because they were so happy that we would play their hometown! That was fucking rad! Another highlight was the Big Guy. He was the dad of the dude where we were going to sleep. At first sight he was pretty angry-looking, but when we arrived in the apartment, he turned out to be the coolest dude ever. He made us the best Russian food ever, and got us drunk on Vodka. That was in Cheropovets I guess, so when anybody from Cheropovets would say hello from us to the Big Guy and his family, that would be pretty cool!

Did you change your idea about Russia after the tour?
Yeah.. I guess culture-wise it's a very different country than the Netherlands. I guess in Holland we always hurry a lot with all kinds of stuff, but I guess in Russia people are more laid back. It was weird for us to see that everybody lives in flat-blocks! In Holland it's  usual to live in a regular house, but except for some small villages I haven't seen any houses. Another thing is that we expected that Russian punk and people in general would drink vodka all the time, but I haven't seen that much drunk kids during our tour. I guess it's a Dutch stereo-type about Russian people, just like Russian people would think that we smoke weed all the time haha.

What you can say about audience on your russian shows? Is it different from european?
Yeah.. a little. I guess the crowd is pretty diverse. There were Mohawk-Punx, Skaters, rockers and all kind of people at the show. That's cool! In our country everything is pretty divided. You got shows for the streetpunx, shows for the skatekids, shows for the rudeboys and shows for rockers. I don't like that kind of separation pretty much.

Beans at Club 7 (Moscow) Did you note some russian bands from your support on the shows?
Yeah sure I did, but I always forget bandnames! It was cool to see that all the bands are technical pretty good. Very good musicians. I guess punkrock in the vein of the Ramones is pretty popular. I guess I liked the supportband in Yaroslavl the best, but I fucking forget their name. Sorry dudes.

What you did first of all when returned to home?
I guess we all jerked off, or got laid. I slept for about 12 hours or so. And after that, I went out for fucking pizza!

What are your plans for the future?
I don't know. At first we have to release the new record in Europe. After that we'll going to tour like hell to support the record, but nothing is confirmed on that right now. Besides that Roel and me are playing in a hardcore/punkrockband called Brat-Pack (www.myspace.com/bratpackontheattack), and we're going to play with that band as well.

Well, when we can see you again in Russia? :)
Ask Alex!

If you want, you can send the regards to somebody in Russia :)
Big hugs to Alex and Constantine!!! They're the coolest Russian dudes ever!! Also cheers to Shevchenko, Andrei (our driver), Svetlana and her boyfriend, Roma, Vladimir (thanx for the DVD!!!), Big Guy and his family, everybody who let us sleep on their floor, and everybody who came to the shows! And you of course!

Official website of Beans: www.beanspunk.nl
Beans at MySpace: www.myspace.com/beans
Brat-Pack at MySpace: www.myspace.com/bratpackontheattack

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special thanks to neverman (for photos).