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Interview with Brent Jones (Fail To Follow)
Fail To Follow Thanks for your consent to answer the questions! So, first of all, present members of the band, please.
The members of our band are Lewis the coolest as lead singer, Brent "Delano" Jones on lead gutair, Derik "Max Power" Julio on drums, Brendan "Beau" Shaffer on rythm gutairs, Issac "Ike" Mortin on bass.

In what bands did you play before FTF?
Before Fail To Follow Lewis and I where in a band called Due Time. Derik was in a bunch of local bands. Issac was in Point Of Recognition, and last but not least Beau & I had side projects that eventually formed into Fail To Follow.

FTF is young band but already have EP and full-length album. How you succeeded in it?
As far as us releasing an EP and having a full lenght album out while being such a young band we atribute that to setting goals and working to achieve them. All we've wanted is to tour the world in a punk rock band since the first time we heard music.

Is writing new songs collective process for the band?
Writing new songs is a collective process. Usually Beau or I will come in with a gutair part and then everybody starts playing what the think would sound good and before you know it we've written a song. So yes, it is very collective.

Fail To Follow I heard your new album and want congratulate you with nice work! Powerful music, strong sound... I like it. How did recording proceed? Did anything interesting or funny events happen in studio?
I love recording in a studio, I just hate dead lines. We only had 5 days to record our album so it was stressful, but the funny thing is that stress seems to fuel the album's agression. There was a point when Matt Weinieger (the recording engineer) lost and started to yell at Beau, so I left and came back and had ten min to record A.F.P.S. I just thought it was funny that the person we are paying has the adacity to yell at us. It all worked out in the end!

I think your music have some similarity with Strike Anywhere. Are you agree?
People have said we are similiar to Strike Anywhere and Rise Against, so I see where their coming from. However, I only listen to Strike Anywhere after someone told me we sounded just like them. I was like "holy shit we do" but I still think we have our own style.

Well, then how could you describe your music?
I would descripe our music as "hardcore punk rock". But ask ten different people and you'll get 10 different answers like when people say we sound like NOFX and AFI I think what their saying is your music is fast and loud! So you tell me what do you think?

I think, you are right. But it seems to me that it's not bad when you are compared with bands like NOFX, AFI or Strike Anywhere. At the same time, of course, you have your own style. So, to the next. Where and when people can buy your CD?
We have already released our cd you can purchase it on overgiver music, smartpunk, hot topic, and at www.failtofollow.com.

What is punk scene like in Salt Lake City?
The punk scene in Salt Lake is dead. That's just all their is to it. Hardcore seems to be the big underground thing. Unless your a band like Pennywise or Good Riddance your lucky to get 70 kids at your show.

What Utah bands do you like the most or what bands you can recommend?
My favorite Utah bands are Lethal West, When It Rains, Gaza, Hur Caindane, Dosage and of course The Used.

Fail To Follow You play on Vans Warped Tour in this and last year. What did you especially remember?
What I remember most about the Warped Tour is giving my CD to Brett president of Epitaph Records and eating lunch with "Lysp" the murch guy for My Chemical Romance. I also snuk beer in to our booth and got so drunk with my my good friend Jared straight out of the navy. The year prior to that Lewis and Derik hung out with Rise Against but the Warped Tour is fun! I recomend it!

How much are you politically active? Are you in any movements? Do you support any organizations?
We do not want to be known as a politicaly active band or assosociated or disassociated with any organiztions. We simply want to "rock the world", we have our own opinions view points and beliefs about organizations and politics but we want to support others in what they believe is right for their life not ours! My personal belief is music and politics don't mix, nor does music and religion. We belong to the world wide group of musicians.

What do you think about mass media and corporations influence on punk culture? Is punk more mainstream now then earlier?
Of course punk is more mainstream know. I also think corporations can be good and bad depending on what their objective is look at Epitaph and Fat Wreck Chords, they are 2 huge corporations and their more punk than anyone! So if the right people run the corporation it's great.

What do you do except music? Do you have day job?
Lewis works at a t-shirt company, he also started his own clothing line called Rebel Union, Ike is a computer nerd, Beau is a student and works a full time desk type job, Max Power "Derik" sells model plane parts to people, and I am just a fucking bum believe me it is a full time job.

I heard about Utah's mountains have "the greatest snow on earth". Are you skiing or snowboarding?
Yes, we have light and fluffy snow and we all snowboard hell. I use to work at Brighton ski resort as a lifty and Beau lived on a ski mountain called Pepple Creek.

What are your favorite bands right now?
We love Strike Anywhere, Rise Against, Metallica, AC/DC, Avenged 7 Fold, Darkest Hour, Thought Riot.

Which artists/bands do you feel have had the most influence on you?
The Beatles, Metallica, The Bee Gees, Korn, And Snooop Dogg And Dr Dre. Ya Black Sabbath.

Can you name things that you associate with Russia?
Vodka and russian order brides.

What about your show in Russia? Is it possible in near or far future?
Some day we will play Russia, soon I hope.

Official website: www.failtofollow.com
MySpace page: www.myspace.com/failtofollow

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