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Тема: CASTET fast 80s HC thrash punk from Poland, new CD/LP is out now
» Posted by fakir69 (19:25 16-07-2008)
CASTET "Punk Side Of The Moon" LP/CD is out now!!!



Castet is a 5 piece hardcore punk band from Silesia area in Poland.
Castet members are known from their activity in HC/Punk scene from late 80s/early 90s. Their singer Fakir started his Enigmatic Records in 1989 - one of the first independent record labels in Poland; he is also former member of legendary HC/punk outfit 7 Godzin Snu; other guys are past or current members of Braindead, Minority, 7 Godzin Snu, Repress, Koyaanisqatsi, Wzajemna Pewnosc Zniszczenia etc.; they are involved in booking shows, they did fanzines in the past, they are dedicated till death...
Drawing their influences from bands like JFA, SOIA, The Stupids, Warzone, YOT, BGK, WHN?, Infest, GG Allin, The Accused, Minor Threat, Go!, Terveet Kadet, Poison Idea, DRI, Code Of Honor, Negative Approach, COC, Sheer Terror,  Articles Of Faith, Negazione, Heresy, Adolescents ( to name just a few) they play fast, short songs in the  vein of early 80s style. The lyrics are about fun, hardcore, punk, scene, hate, girls and drinking. Not so serious and just for fun.
They started in 2003 and apart from playing with many Polish hc/punk bands, they also played gigs with bands like Poison Idea, Another Breath, The Accused, Dayglo Abortions, Golers, Mental, Justice, Verse,  Come Closer, Endstand, Face The Fact, John Ball, Thema 11 or Lights Out, Righteous Jams, True Colors, B.U.S.H..
They have song on the new international HC/Punk compilation: "Global Uprising" CD released by War Dog Records from Detroit, USA. (34 bands in total, from USA & UK to Hawaii & South Africa). They are also on many Polish comps; they sold first pressing of 1st CD very quickly which is very rare now in Poland.
They also did a small tour in Germany & Holland in 2006. Castet is maybe  the first band in Poland which is accepted by all kinds of public - punx, crusties, skinheads, thrashers, SE kids, even by young emo girls which could be their daughters....
"Punk Side Of The Moon” is a second album of Castet and it has just been released by biggest Polish hardcorepunk label/zine  Pasazer Records on both CD and vinyl.
CD consits of 13 short, sharp and raging songs in just 17 minuts. One song of this album: "Travel Punk" was released by Czech located Bad Dream Records on a "No Place To Call Home" CD compilation. You can check out two other songs from this record on band's mypace profile.
The vinyl version (on blue color) consits of band's both albums, so it's a good deal for those who haven't heard the "Kings Of Punk" debut album.
If you prefer the CD the good news is that it's still available directly from PASAZER Records. 12 songs in 15 minutes. Listen and enjoy!
They are currently  looking forward to start another tour to promote their new album. They want to play everywhere so if you can help to book some show(s) just get in touch. If you need band for compilation or split EP write them. Interviews are also accepted.... Keep it Hardcore!

If you want to buy your copy contact Castet or Pasazer (they also have tons of other releases and do trades)

Castet: &S&xbolox@go2.pl
Castet, PO BOX 40, 41-709 RUDA SLASKA 9, POLAND
Myspace: &S&www.myspace.com/thecastet
Pasazer: &S&www.pasazer.pl

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